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Tetum. A Language for Everyone.
By Yohanes Manhitu
140 pages; 11" x 8.5".

A Comprehensive Course Book for English-speaking Learners of Tetum. Each lesson consists of a dialogue, followed by essential vocabulary, grammatical or conversational notes, and exercises. Every opening dialogue contains grammatical or conversational elements and practical examples. At the end of the book, you will find answer keys, a concise phrasebook and a two-way dictionary. After working through this book, you should be in a position to converse and write comprehensibly in Tetum.


Anna Lowenstein
The Stone City.
A Captive's Life in Rome
ISBN: 9781595693129

(A Historical Novel)

Snatched from her peaceful homestead in Celtic Britain, Bivana is transported to the legendary city of Rome. Struggling to come to terms with the loss of everyone and everything she has ever known, but determined to survive, she slowly adapts to a life of slavery and to the alien culture which surrounds her.... More...

Gersi Alfredo Bays
The Prophet from Pedras
Novel, translated from Esperanto. Translator: Trevor Steele.

The Prophet from Pedras" is humorous and tragic, full of the small and big stories life brings along: At the beginning of the 1930's, when the Brazilian version of fascism appears in Southern Brazil, Ludvig Kapstein, a non-practicing Jew, decides to leave his city and move far away. He is nicknamed "Prophet" because of his long beard, his wisdom and his free spirit, and in the small town of Pedras somewhere at the Uruguay River, he finds his new home. Family, friends, his optimism and sense of innovation help him become one of Pedras' most respected citizens, until one day bandits show up. "... More...

Bruce Kellner: The Prettiest Girls in Euphoria, Kansas (Novel)
(ISBN 9781595691781)

Bruce Kellner's New Novel Examines the Troubling Pull of the Past:
On a midwestern farm in the last century, a boy is forced to come of age in a colorful family of dysfunctional women, scarred by the unfulfilled dreams of his alcoholic mother, his strange spinster aunts, his malevolent nieces, and especially "the prettiest girls in Euphoria, Kansas," his five unforgettable sisters.

Trevor Steele: Reluctant MessiahTrevor Steele: Reluctant Messiah
- Watch the YouTube video!
(ISBN 9781595691736)

Jesus' death - "triumph of a glorious illusion"!
This novel, based on a large amount of research, seeks to explore Jesus' actual life before he became an object of deification and falsification. It follows him from his humble birth, his gradual development of healing powers, his years as an Essene monk, his short campaign as a charismatic healer-preacher, to his ghastly death - and what happened after the death.

Reba D: Facing Forward – A Life Reclaimed
(Domestic Violence - A Personal Story)

(ISBN 9781595961767)

One woman's powerful journey from independence into a marriage paralyzed by the grip of domestic violence - and back again to a life of hope and wholeness!
"Facing the truth and deciding to leave was the hardest decision I ever made. But slowly, light began to peek through from behind the clouds. Today, I am facing forward. I have reclaimed my life and if you are involved with someone who is hurting you or your children (or hurting someone you love) you can reclaim your life too. You are not alone! Help is available. Hope is just around the corner." More...

Tivadar Soros: Crusoes in Siberia (and The Fairest Judgment)
(ISBN 9781595691828)

If you want to know where the brothers Paul and George Soros got their business skills, look no further than this little adventure story told by their father.
In simple, understated style, Tivadar Soros tells how he and his companions broke out of their Siberian prisoner-of-war camp at the time of the Russian Revolution and traveled on foot through inhospitable mountains to freedom..

Van Vechten: Caruso's MustacheCarl Van Vechten: Caruso's Mustache Off
and Other Writings about Music and Musicians

(ISBN 9781595690708)

Selected, edited, and with a Preface by Bruce Kellner
Carl Van Vechten was first to offer serious assessments of the music of Igor Stravinsky, Erik Satie, George Gershwin, and the operas of Richard Stauss. He wrote the earliest study in America of the music of Spain. He was first to advocate musical scores for movies. He contended that ragtime and jazz were the only uniquely American music, at a time when they were dismissed or ignored by other critics.

Avery Hopwood
The Great Bordello. A Story of the Theatre
ISBN: 9781595691958

Edited and with an Afterword by Jack F. Sharrar.
Published here for the first time, "The Great Bordello. A Story of the Theatre" is the work of Jazz-Age playwright Avery Hopwood (1882-1928). Once described as "the most devastating exposé of the American theatre as an institution imaginable," "The Great Bordello" portrays the disintegration of youth's dreams amidst the ruthless realities of life and the human desire to accomplish something of enduring value.

Malama Katulwende: The Fire at the Core. Discourses on African Aesthetics, Music, Jurisprudence, Ethno-Politics & Good Governance
(ISBN 9781595691934)

Passionate and often controversial: The topics of Zambian author's "Discourses" (fictional and non-fictinal essays) range from Zambian hip-hop and African music in general to art, fame, eroticism, and - of course - philosophy and African politics. More...


   Also available:

Well Dictionary

John C. Wells: English-Esperanto-English Dictionary
Hardcover with jacket or paperback; 508 pages

Both directions: Contains both Esperanto–English and English–Esperanto sections, with a total of over 30,000 entries.
Completely revised and rewritten.

Well Dictionary

Ulrich Becker (Ed.): Esperanto in
The New York Times

This book is a look back at the beginnings of the Esperanto movement in the US and beyond, opening a window into contemporaneous accounts on the pages of a world-renowned news paper.

Well Dictionary

Aleksander Korzhenkov: Zamenhof: The Life, Works and Ideas of the Author of Esperanto

That biography was originally published in Esperanto; the present version, in Ian Richmond's excellent translation, is an abridged version of the original text, prepared for English readers by the author.

Debra Yergen:

Creating Job Security. Resource Guide
(2nd Edition)

Conveniently-sized guide with well over 100 hot job resources, categorized by industry. The Green Light Scoring Model™ enables readers to evaluate career opportunities based on seven pre-determined elements for success: Income, Opportunity, Creativity, Feasibility, Flexibility, Stability, and Longevity... More...

Khaya Gqibitole:
Tutaishi. An African Tale


A story of shame, hope and triumph. It is a novel about a young girl, Theo, who manages to escape abuse from the Congo, where she has been in the hands of rebel soldiers. After many difficulties she travels to South Africa where she befriends and later falls in love with a young man, Qhama...


Howard Sturgis:

(Novel - early gay classic)

"Tim" (1891; sometimes subtitled "A Story of a School Life") is a delicate portrayal of a sensitive boy's devoted affection for an older boy - a very touching story of a tender and self-forgetful character. ...


Two People.
Classic Gay Novel
By Donald Windham

Neglected for over forty years, this moving novel has been republished in a more tolerant climate. Two People is about a love affair in Rome between a middle-aged American and a much younger Italian. First published in 1965, when the word "gay" in its sexual implications was little used or even recognized by heterosexuals, Two People anticipated many novels about same-sex relationships that followed.

Concise Encyclopedia of the Original Literature of Esperanto.
By Geoffrey Sutton
Hardcover, dust jacket, 740 pages; 9" x 6".

This outstanding work of scholarly reference appears in English for the first time. No other such extensive descriptive work is available on this global cultural phenomenon. Esperanto is the only planned international language to have become the vernacular and literary medium of a widespread speech community. This work charts the evolution of its original literature from its humble beginnings in 1887 to its worldwide use in every literary genre in the present day. More...

Winter Ridge. A Love Story.
By Bruce Kellner

Mature love story explores the power of memory, music and enduring love: Approaching old age, Silas Harmon closes his San Francisco bookshop to retire to the summer cottage in Kentucky where he spent his youth. There he encounters - for the first time in fifty-five years - the lonely Polish refugee with whom he had a love affair when he was sixteen and she was thirty-two. Together they must now confront how that forbidden alliance influenced both their lives and how it will influence the few years ahead of them... More...

A Realistic Novel.
By Carl Van Vechten

The long-unprinted novel is considered an authentic portrait of the 1920s and explores the eternal search for happiness

First published in 1925, the novel centers around a wide cast of characters whose lives are irrevocably changed by the mysterious Gunnar O'Grady in 1920s New York. Though, like most Van Vechten novels, there is more than actually meets the eye.
"Of the four (out of seven) novels that deal directly with what he called 'the splendid drunken twenties' in New York, Firecrackers was published at the heart of the period and comes closest to depicting the Jazz Age in all its variety."

An African Novel from Zambia.
By Malama Katulwende

Julius Chongo Award 2006
for Best Creative Writing

Tribal and social affiliations and the student riots at the University of Zambia, in a captivating and intelligent story about love, political involvement and individual responsibilities. --- This is one of the most realistic and passionate contemporary novels about the life of young people in today's Africa, written by Malama Katulwende, a Zambian poet and intellectual. Based on real events, this novel provides an insight into African history, daily life, and culture, at the example of an oppressive society. Imagine Europe's revolts of 1968 in Austral Africa...

Van Vechten: Caruso's MustacheIn German and Esperanto:
Interlingvistiko kaj esperantologio. Bibliografio de la publikajoj de Detlev Blanke.
Interlinguistik und Esperantologie. Bibliographie der Veröffentlichungen von Detlev Blanke.

(ISBN 9781595692023)
In Deutsch und Esperanto/ En la germana kaj Esperanto

53-jaroj da publikigado: Dulingva (Esperanta kaj germana) bibliografio de unu el la plej agemaj kaj verkemaj interlingvistoj, esperantologoj kaj Esperanto-aktivuloj de la movado, Detlev Blanke.
53 Jahre an Veröffentlichungen: Zweisprachige Bibliographie (Esperanto und Deutsch) von einem der wohl aktivsten Interlinguisten, Esperantologen und Organisatoren der Esperanto-Bewegung, Detlev Blanke.


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Debra Yergen:
Creating Job Security. Resource Guide (
2010 Edition)


Malama Katulwende: Bitterness (An African Novel from Zambia)
Khaya Gqibitole: Tutaishi. An African Tale (An African Novel from South Africa and the Congo)


Oscar Wilde (et al.): Teleny or The Reverse of the Medal (Gay Erotic Classic)
Donald Windham:
Two People (2008 edition of a classic gay novel; first edition: 1965)
Howard Overing Sturgis: Tim (Story of a School Life) (Early Gay Classic)

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