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The Fire at the Core

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Fictional and Non-Fictional Essays

Malama Katulwende


Passionate and often controversial: Over the last few years, Zambian writer Malama Katulwende (winner of the Julius Chongo Award 2006 for Best Creative Writing at the Ngoma Awards ceremonies) has published more than forty articles for the website These essays helped him build up a large fan base.

The topics of his "Discourses" range from Zambian hip-hop and Zambian music in general to art, fame, eroticism, and - of course - philosophy and African politics.

His courageous 70-page fictional essay "The Clouds" about the incarceration and mistreatment of a Zambian writer and thinker by Zambian authorities is being published here for the first time.

On three occasions, Malama Katulwende himself has been arrested by the Zambian Police Service in connection with his work.

See also his book: "Bitterness" - An African Novel from Zambia.

Malama Katulwende
(* 1967)
- has published poems in the anthology "Under the African Skies - Poetry from Zambia" and the novel "Bitterness" (An African Novel from Zambia), for which he received the Julius Chongo Award 2006 for Best Creative Writing ( at the Ngoma Awards ceremonies). He has also published more than forty articles for the website

Malama Katulwende was born in 1967 in the Luapula province of Zambia. He is the first-born child in a family of eight. He was educated in Catholic schools in order to become a Diocesan priest, but later decided to attend the University of Zambia. Malama Katulwende has taught science and mathematics at different schools, and he is an entrepreneur.

See also: Malama Katulwende: A Literary Voice for Zambia

ISBN: 9781595691934

Language: English

Subjects: Non-Fiction (Africa, Zambia, ethnicity, politics, philosophy, government, jurisprudence, music, hip-hop)

Pages: 218

Book Type: 5.5 x 8.5 in, Perfect Bound - (Paperback)

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Table of Contents:

Crisis: The Poverty and Futility of Zambian Hip-Hop

Is Zambian Music Definable?

On Art and Fame

Art and Erotica

Why are Zambians so Dumb?

Debating Products, Brands and the Roots of our Poverty

Why Should We Obey the Law?

Heaven’s Gate

The Black-out

Narrating our Past:
Memories and the Politics of our Time Space

Who is Zambia’s Next President?

“I Refuse to Die”:
My Remembrances of Kenya’s Koigi wa Wamwere

The Trial of Chansa Kabwela

In Memory of Margo Schouten

The Circus

The Clouds

"Themes about Negritude or the Black experience... echo real experiences of people who have been tied by a common doom - slavery, racism, colonialism and underdevelopment... So when we define Africanness as a historical fact or phenomenon, we're talking about the African personality as a collective person pitted against his past, his present and his future. We're saying: What are we about in relation to what we have gone through? This is a question that exacts answers."
Malama Katulwende (in: "Bitterness")

"Malama Katulwende's literary works display his vivid connection with our ancestral past, inspire and evoke feelings of patriotism and the much needed enthusiasm for the future on a continent that is facing so many challenges."
Mbuyu Nalumango
Editor of "Under the African Skies - Poetry from Zambia"