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   We cannot and will not answer, if you send us proposals by regular mail.


Publish your book with us!

Please do not send your entire book manuscript unless we ask you to.
We will contact you within 3 weeks if we decide to publish your book.

We encourage authors and translators of new books (novel, poetry books, short stories, academic book — fiction or nonfiction) to send us information about their manuscripts (use only the form below!).

Mondial is a small publisher and cannot offer all the benefits of a big publishing company...

...but we are a serious small publisher, and:
  • will NOT ask you for money if you want to publish your books with Mondial.

But instead:

  • we will carefully read your manuscript; if we find it interesting, we will print, publish, and distribute it (perfect bound - paperback);
  • we will decide about format, design, price;
  • if your book is in English, we will also publish it as eBooks on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Nook (Barnes & Noble), iBooks (Apple) and with other eBook providers.

If we decide to publish it:

  • we will discuss with you the editing and layout process;
  • we will send you five free copies of the finished book;
  • sell the book on our website, through, the website of Barnes & Noble, and many other online stores in various countries around the world (US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, all over Europe, South America etc.)
  • and through the US book wholesale company Ingram, i.e. all bookstores have access to it;
  • give you 10% royalty of the selling price of each book copy sold
    (selling price = the price the book is sold by Mondial to wholesalers or other resellers);
  • and if you wish to have more copies of your book, we will sell you the book for two thirds of the list price.


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